Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall Topiaries

I just love topiaries but let's face it, they can be rather expensive and or plain.  I had some left over fall decorations that I picked up last year and decided I would make my own.  

I painted the pots a light beige and then put a layer of crackle medium over them.  Next I painted the pots black and then rubbed a little bit of stain over them to darken up the beige a bit.  I used a stick and cut it into two pieces and then glued them into some styrofoam blocks I already had.  I covered them in moss as well as the balls on top.

I started sticking some of the leaves and other items in the styrofoam and then used hot glue from time to time to get the leaves just where I wanted them.

Here they are finished!  I decided not to glue the balls on top of the stick so that I can take the other styrofoam balls and add Christmas decorations to them maybe...same pot and stick but just change out the tops and the leaves on the bottom out for Christmas!

These turned out great and cheaper than the store versions!


  1. Very cute. I love fall. I love that all the holidays are coming. Thank you for this tutorial. And really thank you for linking it up! Makes my day. Happy friday to you!


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